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Jason toshach / glenn sheets

Owners Jason Toshach and Glenn Sheets bring a combination of industry and

manufacturing knowledge, together with a love & passion for building, design and client

satisfaction. With the ability to bring designs to life from initial discussions & concept drawings

to full delivery and install they pride themselves on craftsmanship, integrity and service.

Peppers started when the owners, Jason & Glenn, decided their love for upholstery, furniture

design & manufacturing, along with their growing friendship would be the perfect recipe for a

business together.


Co-owner Jason Toshach, being involved in the industry the last 4 years, brings a total love for

everything customer related! His passion lies in being the outside face of Peppers and handling all of the projects details, marketing and logistics. 

Co-owner and head upholsterer Glenn Sheets carries over 40 years of upholstery and manufacturing knowledge & experience. His love of the craft, along with his overwhelming knowledge and personality allows clients to leave company meetings with all of the confidence and questions answered to bring their project to life!

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